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About Rosemary House

It began with a simple question: Would you do this for your family?

As the needs of yourself or your loved ones change, how do you want to accommodate those changes?  Choosing the right place for a loved one is a deeply personal and sensitive decision. 

CEO Jennifer Burch’s mission is patient care. Her love and compassion towards seniors came through close relationships with both sets of grandparents and observing her relatives working in the Home Health, Hospice, and Ministry space. 

“Our community is not set up for seniors to age in place,” said Burch. “It is my mission and passion to help make it so they may age in place.”

A youth spent in Southeast Texas, Jennifer Burch has deep ties to improving the community. Always rising above the status quo, Burch has been involved in many community outreach programs. Recently, she was awarded the BBB Women of Excellence, BBB Torch Awards, Chair of the Alzheimer’s Walk, Former President of Anayat House, Advisory Member of Legacy Community Health Clinic, Board Member of the Better Business Bureau, SETX 40 Under 40 Young Professionals, and a Graduate of Leadership of Beaumont. In addition to overcoming the biases felt in a predominately male-driven healthcare industry, Jennifer is a loving wife and mother to two beautiful daughters.

“In a medical climate driven mostly by the dollar, my brands demand the best for our elderly and want our facilities to set a new image of assisted living,” said CEO Jennifer Burch, who put her knowledge of health care to use by cultivating a vibrant community where people could thrive and live life to the fullest. 

“While the Best Hospice Care of Texas is in-home hospice wherever they may call home,” said Burch, “Rosemary House is a residential assisted living home. We are here to educate families in order to make sound choices for them. We also help ease the transition for the older generation with our intimate housing. Let us provide a solution to the anxiety and confusion so many others feel when navigating this journey of life.”

Along the way, this talented and dedicated CEO found that the single most important attribute of a successful community is an engaged, energized, well-trained staff of dedicated caregivers and compassionate companions. A great team of employees is our number one priority.

“Serving our community and our seniors whether it be at end of life and or allowing our seniors to age in place with our niche residential assisted living homes has always been my passion and motivation,” said Burch, of her brands, The Best Hospice Care of Texas and The Rosemary House.


Katie Craigen, Director of Clinical Services, RN

Katie Craigen, RN

Clinical Director